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Lily Levy


Lily Levy ~ Photography through My EyEs

Photography, Through My eYes, is a cocktail of who I am, a dreamer most of the time, and what I’m drawn to. A mixture of: Fantasy, Music, Warm Colors, my Freedom, Peace & Quiet, Positiveness, Sensitivity, Flaws, Raw Beauty, Optimism, Sweet Rays of Sunshine, Bluish sky, Great vibes, Encounters with new People, Living Creatures, Trekking in powerful Landscapes, Snow Capped Mountains, Endless Deserts, Turquoise Lagoons, Minimalism, Neat and Tidiness. But above all – Love, HUGE LOVE, as my main trigger, and Romance, as my main muse.

I remind myself, while wandering with my camera, searching for spontaneous moments: never to lose faith at times of no inspiration, be alert and always expect the unexpected. Don’t be afraid to do your art as long as YOU are the one who loves it. Follow your instincts, Follow your heart.

Lily Levy
Photography through My EyEs
Whatever My EyE Catches, snapshots of spontaneous moments
available for bookings worldwide.